Napoleon (working title)

Napoleon is an epic and inspiring adventure for kids and adults about a very small being trying to take on the world and change the dire state of our climate and the pollution of our planet. It’s the first film that Adam Elliot has ever accepted to direct that was not his own idea and coupled with Anita Doron, whose recent script for “The breadwinner” was nominated for an Oscar, we have a creative team that will create something truly extraordinary.

Director: Adam Elliot
Writer: Anita Doron
Created by: Sarah Jungen & Karsten Kjærulf-Hoop
Producers: Thor Hampus Bank, Emil Johnsen, Anders Berthelsen & Maria Wernicke
Format: 2D Animation
Length: 80+ min.
Status: In Development
Produced by:
 GotFat Productions, Ox & Bird, Ja Film
Supported by: West Danish Film Fund and Creative Europe MEDIA Programme