Malous Jul

Feature Film


Director: Claus Bjerre

Writer: Claus Bjerre & Frederik Nørgaard

Producer: Anders Berthelsen

Supported by Det Danske Film Institut, Den Vestdanske Filmpulje & TV 2

Trouble child, MALOU is sent to live with new foster parents BIBI and LEIF on a small island. Malou resents everything and everyone, and just wants to escape. Local gnome, NILS hates change, and he hates Malou. The two form a pact to get her thrown off the island. But Malou finds personal success in helping Leif chop down Christmas trees, and before long she realizes that she’s made a terrible mistake. But the gnome pact cannot be voided. Nils destroys the farm’s traditional Christmas market and throws the blame on Malou. The trouble child has to step up and prove herself. After a fierce battle with Nils, Malou manages to restore her relationship with her new parents and save Christmas.