Lego Elves

Emily Jones can’t control the elements. Her ears may not be pointy. But when she is with her four elf friends, strange magic happens! Even more than anyone in Elvendale ever imagined.

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Produced by Ja Film

Directed by Rune Christensen

Written by Barbara Haynes

Story by Villads SpangsbergMorten Brunbjerg

Producers Anders BerthelsenMaria Stokholm WernickeLise Uldbjerg Jørgensen

Executive Producer Torsten Jacobsen

Developed for the Screen by Villads SpangsbergHelle Rasmussen

Elves universe conceived & developed by

Villads Spangsberg

Stephanie Prichard

Janni Langkjær Pedersen

Benedikte Schinkel “DJ” Stamp

Associate Producer Vicky Kjaer Jensen

Marketing Manager Janni Langkjær Pedersen

Design Stephanie Prichard

Production Management Julie Peitersen

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